This CIS Invoicing and Tax Software will allow each invoicing service provider to have the AVERT software to look and feel like their website as a white label solution. If they prefer, the software can look and feel as AVERT .

Our aim is to help each invoicing service provider manage their employment agencies, contractors and candidates.

How will this software enhance your business?

Many invoicing service providers are provided with candidates via employment agencies as well as direct clients. Our software has been designed to allow each invoicing service provider to register their agencies, and direct clients uniquely so each candidate’s contracts and rates of pay and fees are correctly assigned and managed.

Through our research, many invoicing service providers rely on the candidates providing genuine timesheets so they can invoice their clients. We were also advised that incorrect invoice values submitted are the main cause of so many late invoice payments as the timesheets submitted by the workers do not also match the client records; this is because the invoicing company has to go on the honesty of their candidates’ timesheets whether they are accurate and genuine. To resolve this issue, we have designed the Timesheet Verification Tool (TVT) which will prevent these situations arising. TVT is a 4 step process from timesheet assignment to timesheet being approved. Once the timesheets have been approved online, you can invoice the client with confidence, which means no more credit notes or having to re-invoice or be told that payments cannot be made due to a dispute in the invoice value.

Managing My Candidates:

If you want to register a large number of candidates at once, you can use our bulk upload tool, this will save you time. When you register your candidates you can automatically send them all a welcome email on how to manage their invoicing platform and business affairs. Another nice feature of our software, it will allow all of your candidates to be able to log all of their business running costs and other income, so they no longer need to keep a separate record, plus the software will calculate their tax liability. A nice feature for the invoicing service provider is, if they provide self-assessment/tax return services, the candidate’s integrated cash book keeps a log of all business revenue and expenditure as well as other income, so doing a tax return is very straightforward for you or the candidate’s accountant.

Managing Candidates HMRC & VAT:

If you want to ensure your candidates are correctly registered as self-employed, we have built into the integrated invoicing platforms the HMRC self-employed registration form. We also added the functionality to add VAT and the Flat Rate Scheme. Either you or your candidates can manage this process, and assuring you that they are correctly registered with the HMRC.

Managing HMRC CIS taxes:

Our software automatically calculates all CIS taxes and will advise you what you need to pay the HMRC unless you prefer the client who is paying the invoice to you to pay these taxes. When an invoice is raised, the CIS tax will reflect in the candidate’s invoicing software and be shown in their tax liability so each candidate will know what tax they have paid to date.

Expenses, Other Income & Business insurance:

We also believe it is essential that every candidate should log all of their business expenses and other income such as salary, dividends, interest, investments, cash sales etc.; the invoicing and tax software allows each candidate to add this data. We also believe it is essential that all self-employed businesses should have valid business insurance and each candidate can add this data into their invoicing & tax software.

Managing my Agencies’:

You will be able to assign as many agencies as you like to the invoicing software. Under each agency you can assign their clients and candidates, allowing you to know where each contract relates to, where to assign fees and ensure payments are assigned correctly. Some invoicing service providers add on agencies’ fees for supplying the workers; our software keeps perfect control and records of every transaction and who is owed what fee.

Managing my Clients’:

You can assign your clients’ businesses in 3 levels, organization, head offices and branches, all with security level access. This means you can assign timesheets to individual branches and assign invoices to every branch under that appropriate head office. When you process invoices, the software will allow you to invoice in various ways including a master invoice to consolidate if a client has multiple branches.

Free integrated Job Board for contract work:

Coming soon will be our new job-board that will be integrated into the invoicing platform. This will allow you to post your clients’ contracts’ vacancies in 20 different business sectors. You will even get a Talent Pool as part of the solution so you can eMatch applications to each posted job. With the built-in talent pool, eMatch will also will find candidate’s applications that you not taken on. If any candidate matches what your client is looking for eMatch will flag them up to you.

Key features of the invoicing & tax software:

  • Agency, candidate & client Integrated software platforms.
  • Adding candidates’ data singular or bulk upload.
  • Send welcome email to each new candidate sign-up.
  • Candidate can login and update their details, which is shown in real-time in your invoicing software.
  • Adding candidates’ contracts as singular or bulk upload.
  • Add one or multiple rates per contract in a fixed or variable rate.
  • Contracts can be set as Active or Inactive and reviewed.
  • When assigning a candidate contract, you can add an agency Mark-Up or Commission or your invoicing service fee.
  • Each contract is automatically assigned a timesheet.
  • Either you or the candidate can process the daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly timesheet.
  • Assign TVT to obtain approval from the client Branch.
  • Each candidate can see the status of their invoices whether waiting to be verified, approved, processed or paid.
  • Approved timesheets are automatically converted into an invoice for each candidate to the invoicing service provider.
  • You can submit invoices in various formats configured to any client’s business structure.
  • You can update the software by confirming invoice payments have been received and automatically send payment email confirmation to each candidate.
  • Each candidate can upload their business expenses.
  • Each candidate can upload other income such as salary, dividends, interest etc.
  • Each candidate can monitor their timesheets to you and the invoice process or
  • You can permit invoice access to each candidate or restrict.
  • If authorised by you, each candidate can process invoices and submit online to you.
  • Each candidate can view their tax liability in real time.
  • Each candidate can assign their VAT, including FRV.

Agencies & Contractors:

If your clients or contractors wanted to monitor which candidates are assigned, you can give them access to view where candidates:

  • Are assigned to which client branch.
  • What contracts been assigned.
  • View and verify timesheets
  • View invoices submitted and whether paid or still outstanding.
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