This invoicing and tax software is the same as the standard AVERT contractor software but with one major difference; this version also allows your business to totally manage all invoicing that is regulated by the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

The AVERT software is available as a white label to look and feel like your business website, or you can have the software to look and feel as AVERT Invoicing.

Our aim is to help each contractor manage contract workers that they either hire directly or sub-contract out.

How will this software enhance your business?

Many contractors who hire CIS contract workers or sub-contract out, require a software to help them capture the core details of each worker and to know when to pay the HMRC pcm for taxes. The contractor needs to know if each worker does comply with the HMRC guidelines of being self-employed otherwise the HMRC could target the payers of the invoices for employer’s NI contributions. The HMRC has very strict rules on who is self-employed and who could be in disguise of being self-employed. To prevent this ever happening to your business, our software will allow you to register your workers but allow them to process their invoices to you. We have added some tools to help them comply with being self-employed such as business start-up, built in registration form to register for self-employment, including CIS registration and recording of their business insurance details. If you sub-contract the workers out, then the contractor should be protected in case of any unfortunate events. It would be your responsibility to ensure each worker has the tools and documents to be self-employed because you should have in place with each worker a CIS contract for services agreement stipulating your agreement and your contract with your client should reflect how you propose to manage the contract.

Our software will GUARANTEE to reduce your time in all areas of data entry, timesheet and CIS invoicing processes. The CIS Software will provide you with reports to show how well your business is performing, month on month and year on year and the software is free.

Our CIS Software has some nice features to help you save time and money; you can register a candidate one-by-one or by bulk upload. When registering a candidate you can send each one a welcome email on how to use their invoicing and tax software and how to complete their business profile. When the candidate updates their online account, their data is instantly updated in your software. Your workers can assign their own VAT and the Flat Rate Scheme as well and apply for their Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) via the HMRC integrated form that is available within the software. The software also captures all UTR and business insurance data so you know your workers have the right documents to work.

Sub-Contracting your CIS workers’:

You can assign your clients’ businesses in 3 levels, organisation, head offices and branches, all with security access. This means you can assign timesheets to individual branches and assign CIS invoices to every branch under the appropriate head office. If you assign a number of candidates to one client branch, you can process their timesheets together to save time. Our integrated CIS timesheet verification tool will allow you to permit your clients’ to verify the timesheets to prevent fraud and incorrect timesheets values being processed in error. This tool will save you time and money and help you liaise with each client in a professional way and ensure all invoices are processed correctly.

Our advanced reporting tool will provide you with a host of reports so you are aware what is happening throughout the software. The reporting tool will allow you to view virtually any type of report as long as the data has been entered.

Not only will the software totally manage all data entered, when assigning contracts, you can assign 2 types of fees; mark-up on the contract rates of pay and fee to the candidate for your services. We have a separate document assigning fees as fees can be set at 3 different levels and 3 types of fees. The more we make it simple for you, the easier it will be for you to make more money.

Free integrated Job Board for contract work:

Coming soon will be our new CIS job-board that will be integrated into the invoicing platform. This will allow you to post your CIS contracts and your clients’ contracts’ vacancies. You will even get a Talent Pool as part of the solution so you can eMatch applications to each posted job. With the built-in talent pool, eMatch will also find candidate’s applications that you not taken on, if any candidate matches what your client are looking for eMatch will flag them up to you.

Key features of the CIS invoicing & tax software:

  • Contractor, candidate & client software is an integrated platform controlled by the contractor.
  • Add unlimited clients and candidates
  • Adding your clients in 3 tier structure.
  • Adding in security access per client user.
  • Adding candidate’s data singular or bulk upload.
  • Send welcome email to each candidate on how to use their invoicing and tax software.
  • Candidate logs in and updates their details which is shown real-time in the contractor’s software.
  • Adding candidates’ contracts as singular or bulk upload.
  • Add unlimited contracts for each candidate
  • Assigning contract(s) to each candidate in Variable or Fixed Rates.
  • Add one or multiple rates per contract.
  • Set a contract for a review date or closure date.
  • When assigning a contract you can add a Mark-Up rate to each candidate’s rate of pay.
  • When assigning a contract you can charge the candidate a fee for your invoicing services.
  • Contracts can be set as Active or Inactive.
  • Ability to terminate or suspend the candidates’ contracts.
  • Each contract is automatically assigned a timesheet.
  • Quickly find candidates’ timesheets to process.
  • Process timesheets yourself or assign each candidate to complete a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Timesheets can be updated by job so a record of each job is clearly recorded.
  • Assign timesheet verification tool to obtain approval from client Branch.
  • Timesheet process is shown in 4 stages in real-time.
  • Timesheet data is shown and recorded in the contractor and candidate software in real-time.
  • Approved timesheets are automatically converted into an invoice from the candidate to the contractor.
  • Candidates’ invoices automatically assigned into their business revenue.
  • You can merge your candidates’ timesheets and invoices their clients or themselves.
  • Able to submit invoices in various formats configured to any client business structure.
  • You can update the software when invoice payments are received.
  • You can email confirmation to each candidate of payment made.
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