The accountants’ CIS Invoicing and Tax Software has been created to help accountants manage self-employed clients directly or indirectly.

From our research many accountants find it very time-consuming having to manually enter their clients’ invoices, expenses and other income into their accountancy software at the end of each tax year. As one accountancy firm stated to us, “every client leaves it to the last minute which puts great pressure on us”. Because many accountancy firms use software such as SAGE, it is not practical to ask their clients to purchase SAGE themselves and use the software; plus the accountancy software is normally complex to use. At AVERT we have resolved this issue and the best news is the software is free to the accountancy firm.

Direct Accountancy Service:

If your accountancy firms wishes to manage your clients day-to-day data then our integrated invoicing and tax software is what you are looking for. First you would register your clients and then request each client to login to their own version of their invoicing and tax software. You can either ask each client to log their credits and debits or you can do it for them or you could share the responsibilities.

As your software and the client software is a shared platform, you have the ability to view certain data of theirs whereas your client cannot see what is in your platform. Below are the shared areas either party can manage:


With the built-in self-employed registration form, you can register them directly for their UTR.


You can enter the VAT periods for each client and even add FRV. You can even confirm VAT payment in the software if you or the client paid the VAT. All VAT raised and payments are shown in the client’s Cash Book.


You or your client can raise invoices. If the client contractor prefers an timesheet before an invoice is raised then both parties can do this as well. Once a invoice is raised and payment has been received to you or your client, the software can be updated as payment received so the outstanding or overdue invoice would reflect the correct invoice status.


You or your client can add expenses. Whatever you enter will reflect in your client software. All data is shown in real-time. We have created a menu of expenses titles, simply select the most appropriate title and enter the expense and select the VAT

Cash Book

Whenever a Credit or Debit is raised within the software, your client’s cash book will be updated. This will make it very simple for you to reconcile against your clients credit card and bank statements.

Tax Liability

If you are entering credits and debits and other types of income, the software has a section called tax liability. In this section it will break down under the below 5 sections each client’s tax liability:

  1. Income: FRV Benefit, UK Dividends & Tax Credits, UK Interest, Other Income, Expenses, Personal Allowances and Taxable Income.
  2. Gross Tax Liability: PAYE Tax, NI Class 4, Tax On Interest and UK Dividends.
  3. Tax paid to date: PAYE Tax, NI Class 4, Tax On Interest and UK Dividends.
  4. Net Tax Liability: PAYE Tax, NI Class 4, Tax On Interest and UK Dividends.
  5. CIS Tax Summary: Displays total CIS tax paid to date.

We built the software so your clients can easily enter their debits and credits and once entered, you can either reconcile to do their tax returns using our software or export the data from our software into your software. This will save you having to manually enter the data.

In-Direct Accountancy Service:

If you prefer not to have an integrated invoicing platform but prefer to offer your clients the ability to use a invoicing and tax software to log their credits and debits, then you can offer your clients one of two standalone invoicing and tax platforms:

If you do not want an integrated invoicing and tax software, you can recommend your clients to use either one of our two standalone products:

cloudkeeping 4 Self-employed businesses

If your accountancy firm prefers your clients to totally self manage their business affairs they can do this via AVERT cloudkeeping. You will not be able to add any information unless your client provides their login details to you. When their tax return is due, you can either login and obtain their data or request the data to be transferred into your software. Click here to find out more.

cloudkeeping 4 Limited businesses

If any of your clients are a limited company and their turnover is less than 330K per annum, then this software will help your client to log all business transactions including the ability to add in shares and dividends. Click here to find out more.

What if your accountancy firm also provides services to agencies and contractors?

If you are provided clients directly by agencies or contractors to provide services such as invoicing and tax, our software will allow you to enter these businesses details and assign your clients to them. This way you can keep a tab on where these clients came from.

Our software allows you to give access permission to agencies and contractors. They can register your clients or you can do it for them. You can also allow these businesses to see the activity of their clients or you can restrict.

Key features of the CIS invoicing & tax software:

  • Add your clients in bulk or one-by-one.
  • Add unlimited clients and candidates.
  • Send welcome emails to each candidate on how to use your invoicing and tax software.
  • Your clients’ passwords are created automatically and encrypted.
  • Your clients can watch demo videos on how to use the software.
  • Your clients can register for their UTR within the software.
  • You can deny invoicing access and invoice on their behalf.
  • Your clients can also upload other income such as salary, dividends, investments, interest, cash sales etc.
  • Your clients’ are instructed to keep their data updated, if they make any updates then your software is updated in real-time.
  • Your clients’ can upload their business expenses by type.
  • Your clients can also upload other income such as salary, dividends, investments, interest, cash sales etc.
  • Your clients can assign VAT and FRV.
  • Your clients’ cash book will display all Ins and OUTs.
  • You can amend their Debits and Credits if entered incorrectly and their tax liability will reflect these changes.
  • Your clients can view their tax liability in real-time, thus helping them to budget.
  • We have provided a resource section, helping your clients stay HMRC compliant.
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