About AVERT CIS Invoicing

If you are a company who operates in the Construction Industry and you engage the services of self employed individuals operating via the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) then you’ll be very aware when it comes to holistic compliance with HMRC, Home Office and others, it can be minefield.

The AVERT CIS Invoicing team has built an solution has been specifically designed to address these compliance issues, such as Right to Work in the UK and ensuring all tax documentation is in order, and we are able to provide your business with an online software package allowing you to interact seamlessly with all parties involved in the engagement process. In addition to compliance, our software significantly reduces the needs for paperwork, spreadsheet and emails, resulting in more efficiency for our clients and reducing their costs.

If you engage the services of self employed individuals, either in or outside CIS, and you want to reduce your overheads, please sign up for our free trial and see how AVERT Invoicing can benefit your business.

About the Group

The AVERT CIS Invoicing has been created, designed and is managed by the AVERT Solutions Group.

AVERT Solutions is a software company that specialises in building cloud-based products and offers a suite of online tax and compliance software packages built for UK businesses which are geared to save these business time and money via real time interconnectivity between the business, their clients and their workers.

Our key goal is to create products that help businesses 'avert' issues before they happen and preventing human error where possible. In a world where everyone wants things done in real-time, do we actually have time to take care of our essential data? Statistics show we all need technology today to help combat human error and track core information.

The AVERT Solutions suite:

  1. HR and Contracting software - AVERT Invoicing and AVERT CIS Invoicing
  2. Self Employed Contractor portals - cloudkeeping and self employed tax calculator
  3. UK Right to Work and Tax compliance tracking - ComTracker

The AVERT products will help your business to stay on top of your compliance responsibilities and track the essential data to help you to stay compliant whilst you trade in the UK. If you are a SME company and you need the software to handle HR and contracting, then we have the perfect cloud software that you can acquire to handle contracts, timesheets, invoicing, payments and tax.

For more information on AVERT Solutions, click here.

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