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Are you a business that provides services to contract workers?
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Are you a business that provides services to contract workers?

If you are, is your business and your contract workers 100% compliant?

Many business that hires or subcontracts out contract workers do not carry out the necessary IR35 compliance checks.IR35 can be very confusing and sometimes difficult to prove but often business are not aware of the obvious rule breaches.If HMRC inspected your business today, are you 100% sure your business would pass the compliance audit?


If your business has any concerns over managing contract workers or have IR35 issues whether you are correctly hiring workers, you can request free demo of the software plus take a free confidential IR35 test.


If you are a business that hires or sub-contracts out contractor workers or, you are a business that provides an outsourcing service within the Construction Industry, the CIS Invoicing & Tax Software will provide the following:

Contracts | Managing Fees & Charges | Timesheets | Invoicing | CIS Taxes | VAT | HMRC | IR35 | Immigration

To find out more about the CIS software, click the links below that best describes your business


Outsourcing Tools

If your business is contracted to process timesheets for employment agencies or contractors then you have a number of tools to allow you to manage these third party businesses.

Employment Agencies Tools

The agency has a number of tools to make CIS contracts easy to process with the bulk upload payment tool to each contract worker and the software calculates fees, taxes and charges prior to invoice payment.

Contract Workers Tools

The contract workers integrated timesheet platform will allow you to assign contracts and timesheets which will allow every Contract worker to complete online.


Contractor Tools

The contractor version allows them to either assign contracts to them for direct hiring or under subcontracting with tools to manage mark-up fees and taxes.


CIS Tracker

This tool will allow you to register every contract workers details and documents, verify if they have the right to work and are genuinely self-employed. Must have IR35 compliance tool to stay compliant.


IR35 Compliance

This tool will verify if your business is likely to pass or fail an IR35 compliance audit. This test addresses a number of areas including the types of contracts you assign to your contract worker.

Contract Manager

This tool will allow you to manage your CIS contracts under a fixed or zero rate contract. If certain jobs fall outside CIS you can remove the CIS tax link so taxes are not deducted at source.

Timesheet & Invoice Verification Tool

This tool will prevent timesheets being approved incorrectly so when you assign invoices to your clients every invoice in accurate first time every time helping to get paid on time.

Project Management Tool

This tool will allow you to manage all aspects of a project by setting a budget and offsetting debits and credits. Contract workers are notified instantly of jobs/timesheets to complete.

CIS Manager

This tool tells you what CIS tax is due on all contract workers including Nil returns with automatic CIS remittance statements to each worker plus monthly CIS tax return report.


Communication Manager

Built-in email notifications to update your clients and contract workers when contracts, timesheets, invoices, CIS payments etc., are generated helping to keep all parties updated in real-time.


Invoice Factoring

Useful tool if you pay your contract workers in advance. The software will log all payments to contract workers and remind you what each client owes whether it is all or part of the invoice due.


Maintenance Tool

This tool will allow you to manage your own data, custom your invoices, decide which Users can access the software, delegate third parties to process data and update contract workers data.


CRM Manager

You can assign your clients to their CRM in multi-layers, bulk upload you contract workers data and from a central hub, manage each contract workers, CIS contracts, timesheets and invoices.



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